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Updated: May 16, 2024

If you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQ's below, please contact the SPCC office. We would love to answer your questions about our club. 

Q- I have a roster change, how do I go about making the changes to my line up for next seaon?

A - On Step #2 of the SPCC online registration, you will be asked to EDIT your lineup.  Enter the line up change there AND contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to add NEW or existing members to the team.  The SPCC ADMIN must officially approve and change the roster.  
We will require the first and last name of the NEW members plus and an email address in order to create a NEW member login access.

Q- To HOLD THE SPOT in leagues, how many roster players need to return from the previous season?

At least 50% of the roster needs to remain on the team in order for the team to HOLD THE SPOT in the current season. Less than that will lose their spot and a team on the waitlist will be contacted.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for clarification and approval for team lineup changes.


Q - I see a $17 Curling Alberta Fee on my registration this season, what is this?

A -  Curling Alberta is our provincial governing curling body and continues to represent all curling clubs in Alberta.  The SPCC is a member and pays a yearly association fee on behalf of our members. In March 2024, Curling Alberta announced that they will be increasing the annual membership for all curlers from $13 to $17 for the 2024-25 Season. You can read the full details on the increase and the benefits of Curling Alberta Membership here.

The fee breakdown is as follows:

        Personal Insurance                  $  1
       Curling Alberta Affiliation Fee   $ 14
       Curling Canada Affiliation Fee  $  2

If you have paid the Curling Alberta membership fee at another club,
you are not required to pay twice. There is an option in the registration process
to indicate the club where you have paid your Curling Alberta fee 

Q - Do all SPCC members need to register online?

A - Yes and this now includes our Senior Mixed League members. All SPCC members must login to their SPCC account, fill out or update their contact information, sign the club waiver and pay the registration fee and/or Curling Alberta fee.


Q - Do we have to fill out all of the member profile information?

A - Yes please. This is our means of communication to you. 

If a game is cancelled due to a mechanical problem or situation at the club, we need to be able to reach everyone. If an accident occurs, the SPCC staff need to know how to reach an emergency contact for every member. When the SPCC communicates to our over 1000 members, current email addresses are required so that the newsletter goes out to everyone, not "just the skip".

Additionally, the SPCC seeks grants and sponsorship(s) plus reports to Curling Alberta and Curling Canada The data gathered from the profiles helps provide the current status of our club. Many clubs across Canada haven’t a clue what their membership base is actually.  

We have implemented the Curling Club Manager to assist the SPCC office in managing our members and lower the amount of administrative hours required to do that.


Q - Does all my personal information show to other members?

A - The only item to show is your phone number that you select to put down as a means of contact. The phone number allows other members of the SPCC the ability to contact you directly (call or text) should they need to cancel or get ahold of one of the members on the team regarding the game.

Your email address will be hidden and you will receive a notification from a member. They will only be able to see your address if and when you respond to their email to you.


Q - Do 5th and 6th players on a team roster have to pay the Curling Alberta fee?

A - 5th and 6th players on a roster will be required to pay the $17 Curling Alberta fee. 5th and 6th players are required to complete the full online sign up process. This includes signing the club waiver(s) and updating their personal profile information including an emergency contact.  

Q - Do the 5th and 6th persons on a roster get charged league fees?

A - The SPCC allows for 6 person rosters. For the team league fee to be marked as PAID IN FULL, the first 4 members on the roster need to make individual fee payments. The system is configured to only take league payments from the Skip, 3rd, 2nd and Lead. The extra 2 players on the roster are only charged the Curling Alberta fee.  Once this is completed, all members on the roster are League Members confirmed and paid in full for the 2024/25 season.

Our payment system takes 4 equal payments for the "team" registration. The teams have to decide on how to make payment among themselves for the 5th and 6th, That is up to each team to arrange as there are so many different formulas and schedules for every team and way too much for the SPCC admin to manage. 

All members can see which of their teammates has paid their Hold Your Spot or league registration fees by signing into their SPCC account and selecting  Member Information > My Teams  from the Member Menu on the right hand side of the page. 

Q - Why are teams only allowed 6 people on their rosters?

A - The rosters sizes are only 6 maximum for all leagues. If you have any more, they are not a "league member" of the SPCC and are "sparing" for the team which is perfectly fine.  What it means for your 8 person roster is, in the playoffs, the 2 extras can not skip and are not registered in the system for the membership benefits of scheduling info, standings, practice ice sign up, spare pool and free agents. If the 7th and 8th players want this, they can be added as an Associate membership rate and have these member benefits. Should a team have more than 6 players, please contact the SPCC Office as ALL INDIVIDUALS CURLING AT THE SPCC MUST COMPETE THE SPCC WAIVERS PRIOR TO CURLING. 


Q - What is an Associate membership?

A -  An Associate Member of the SPCC has the same benefits as a Member, but is not on a team roster.  This includes access to the Free Agent Listing, the Sub Lists and practice ice. The Associate Membership fee is $150 for the 2022-23 season. Full details can be found here: SPCC Membership


Q - What is the Free Agent Listing?

A - When a member is interested in creating a team or joining a team, this area allows the members of the SPCC to see what other interested members are seeking and allows teams and members to connect with each other. Organized match making!


Q - What is the difference between the Sub lists and the Free Agent listing?

A - To sub is to be a spare and come out once and awhile for a league. This sub tends to be someone that is not available to play on a full time basis. A Free Agent is someone looking to play on a league team throughout the entire season and become a player on the roster. This free agent is putting it out there to SPCC members that they are available for the full season and is willing to pay for their position as a full time member on the team. 


Q - How do I book practice ice?

A - As of Fall 2020, SPCC members are required to book practice ice on-line. Full details and instructions can be found here: Practice Ice. Non-members can book practice ice by calling or emailing the club.


Q- When I book practice ice, is the sheet for me only or do I have to share it with others?

A - The SPCC would like to maximize the amount of ice time available to all members. Up to 4 members can book time on any single sheet through our online booking system. Please do your best to share your time on a sheet with any other members who have also booked that sheet.

Q – I want to pay for more than just me (a full team, more than 1 child or my partner), how can I do that online?

A - The system only allows for one person payment. Contact the SPCC office directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 780-467-9412 to arrange group payment processing. Please note that as of July 12, 2021, there will be a $15 fee for registrations that are processed by SPCC administration.


Junior Program FAQ’s

Q - Can a parent of more than one child registered in juniors do the enrolment of each child together in one payment?

A - The system is set up for individual registrations only. Group registration is possible but there is a $15 fee as it creates extra complications for the admin staff.


Q - My child does not have an email address and I cannot seem to register them as I am a member of SPCC? How do I register them?

A - Each member requires their own email address including children.

Q - Will my child’s information be redirected to the parents email address?

A - The cardholder that made the payment will receive the payment confirmation from the payment processing provider.  The email address attached to the junior's profile will receive the confirmation of registration email.  The SPCC junior program coordinator will be sending an invite to the parent/guardian emails for the TEAM SNAP communications tool.

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Club Information

The Sherwood Park Curling Club is an 8 sheet facility that is home to over 1000 active members and is run out of the Glen Allen Recreation Complex in Sherwood Park, AB. We are active members of the Edmonton and Area Curling Clubs.

The SPCC hosts 20 full leagues and programs weekly. Our leagues include ladies, men, mixed, juniors, open, seniors and adult beginners. We are wheel chair accessible and pride ourselves on educating and promoting the sport of curling in our community.

We embrace all levels of curling from beginners to competitive players. Come Rock with Us!