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U18 Championships
SPCC is host to the 2019 U18 Championships April 1 -7

The Sherwood Park Awards Policy has one category:

  1. Awards for Club Champion (s)

Awards for Club Champion (s)

Policy Statement: Club Champions will receive an award from the Sherwood Park Curling Club.

League Guidelines:

  1. If an individual team member of a mixed, women, or men’s champions have not received club jackets in the last three years as any club champion: Sherwood Park will award them a jacket along with a championship patch, which signifies the type and year of championship.
  2. If the individual member has received any club jacket in the past three years, he or she will receive a championship patch, which signifies the type and year of the championship.
  3. If the jacket has been re-designed and old style is not available, new jackets will be issued to all members.
  4. The (Volunteer of the Year Award shall be given to a person chosen for their contribution to the Sherwood Park Curling Club.  The SPCC Volunteer of the Year will be chosen by the Volunteer Committee.  The person chosen for this award could also be the person Sherwood Park Curling Club nominates for a NACA Award under the NACA Program.  The recommendation for the NACA Award must be approved by the board.
  5. Cases not covered by the above guidelines are to be handled on an individual basis by the Board of Directors.

Note: Teams representing the Sherwood Park Curling Club at an ACF sanctioned Provincial Event shall have the option of purchasing club jackets for use at that event for a price of cost plus 10% per jacket.

Dated:  Revised October 2018 - (Draft)

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