Do you remember the days when you, as a kid, got to hang out at the curling club with your parents and either watch them curl or get called into spare? Do you want to get your child into curling but YOU only played a little and what you learnt was in High School?

The SPCC wants more kids to come and HANG out with their parents/guardian/grandparent/auntie or uncle/friend or neighbour and CURL for the FUN of it!

We have put together this league to encourage Sunday afternoon family ACTIVE BONDING time where an adult and a child get to LEARN some tips from our SPCC instructors on how to curl and then apply it to a mini-game against other families.

It doesn’t matter whether either the adult or the child know how to curl. We will guide teams of all levels through “Learn to Curl” tips TOGETHER. Sometimes it may be the CHILD ASSISTING TO TEACH THE ADULT!

SPCC requires helmet usage. Beginner curlers in elementary school will be required to wear a helmet. This includes curlers in our U12 novice program, school groups, and family league. Waivers will be issued to the appropriate demographic. Helmets will not be supplied.

Time: Sunday afternoon: 3:30pm – 5:00pm (due to bonspiels, some start times may change)

We are offering Fall and Winter programs.

Start Dates: 


Game Dates:   

Cost: FALL - $200/1 adult & 1 child 

Cost: WINTER - $175/1 adult & 1 child

Drop in fee includes lessons and equipment.

League Contact: SPCC Office – 780-467-9412 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Q & A

Q – Does the adult have to be the same adult during the entire season, or could the mom and dad take turns / alternate bringing the child?
A – The adult does not have to be the same and we are encouraging all interaction from the parent or guardian or maybe grandparents too!

Q – If the child has no curling experience, what equipment is necessary for the child to have?
A – We have grippers, step on sliders and brooms for everyone to use. Once the child or Adult gets more comfortable and experienced, adult & junior start up kits are available for purchase from our Pro Shop.

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