Each year SPCC dedicates rock handles to celebrate our members.

Rock Handle Dedication Application Information

Application Deadline: January 15 of each year.

Applicants will be notified of the decision in early February. Recipients or the family of the recipients will be required to agree to have their name be published and will be invited to participate in the Championship event where the rocks will be presented.


  • Long standing member ~20+ years (membership)
  • Major contributions +20 years minimum (board, executive, volunteer roles)
  • Memorial dedications for past long standing members

Click here to download an application form

2017-2018 Season

dianne erna
Dianne Weiss - 37 years Erna Swonek - 45+ years
jackie joyce
Jackie Symbaluk - 45 years Rosemary Merrett - 43 years
lorraine  paul
Lorraine Kaiser - 35+ years Paul Chaikowsky - 45 years


pahl group pahl Team
In memory of Harvey Pahl (The Pahl family) The Pahl Team



2016-2017 Season

sophie_hunter.jpg norma_pierson.jpg
Sophie Hunter - 45+ years Norma Pierson - 45+ years
joan_mcclymont.jpg myrna_weatherby.jpg
Joan McClymont - 45+ years Myrna Weatherby - 45+ years
In Memory of Dave Masse  

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