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Nomination Process: All nominations for a Rock Handle Award are to be submitted to the Board of Directors using this nomination form.

Deadline for Submission of Nomination(s): January 15 of the year in which the Rock Handle will be awarded. Late and incomplete nomination forms will not be considered. Unsuccessful nominations will not be carried over to the next year and must be re-submitted each year in order to be considered.  

Number of Rock Handles to be Awarded: A maximum of two (2) Milestone Rock Handles may be awarded each year. A maximum of one (1) Memorial Rock Handle may be awarded each year.  

Composition of the Selection Committee: A Committee of three (3) persons appointed by the SPCC Board of Directors will consider the nominations received. One member of the Selection Committee shall be a member of the Executive Committee, one member shall be a member of the Board, and one member shall be a member of the SPCC who does not hold a position on the Board. 

Selection of Award Recipients: The Selection Committee will decide out of all nominations received which two (2) are the most worthy candidates for a Milestone Rock Handle award, no matter how many applications are received. The decision of the Committee shall be made by February 15th each year. All decisions of the Committee are final. 

Approved by the SPCC Board: December 2, 2018.


2017-2018 Season

dianne erna
Dianne Weiss - 37 years Erna Swonek - 45+ years
jackie joyce
Jackie Symbaluk - 45 years Rosemary Merrett - 43 years
lorraine  paul
Lorraine Kaiser - 35+ years Paul Chaikowsky - 45 years


pahl group pahl Team
In memory of Harvey Pahl (The Pahl family) The Pahl Team



2016-2017 Season

sophie_hunter.jpg norma_pierson.jpg
Sophie Hunter - 45+ years Norma Pierson - 45+ years
joan_mcclymont.jpg myrna_weatherby.jpg
Joan McClymont - 45+ years Myrna Weatherby - 45+ years
In Memory of Dave Masse  

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