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Registration FAQ
Q - Will my teammates see that at least one of us on the roster has paid the Hold My Spot fee so that I know we have HELD OUR SPOT and the rest of us have until August 30 to get our member league registration fee in?
A - 
The online system will provide that information to you when you are signed into your SPCC profile under,  Member Information > My Teams.

Q - Do the other 3 players have to set up their own profile and pay their share or can they pay me and I pay the remaining team fee by Sept 1?
A - Each member needs to handle their own payments by Sept 1st. With our online system, every member will register themselves and get their profile information updated. Each time they log in, they see their curling schedule that relates to them. If they are in more than one league, then it will show all corresponding leagues. The SPCC office has had emergency situations and only had the "skips" info on file. The SPCC requires each member to be complete the waiver and be accessible to us. Thank you for taking the time to make us more accountable to you.

Q - Do the 5th and 6th persons on a roster get charged league fees?
A - The SPCC allows for 6 person rosters. For full payment of the team league fee to be marked as PAID IN FULL, 4 members out of the roster need to make individual payments. It does not matter which 4 make the payment as long as there are 4 in total. Once this is competed, all members on the roster are League Members confirmed and paid in full for the 2020/21 season. No, the extra players on the roster are not charged additionally. 

Our payment system takes 4 equal payments for the "team" registration. The teams have to decide on how to make payment among themselves for the 5th, 6th, 7th, etc . That is up to each team to arrange as there as so many different formulas and schedules for every team and way too much for the SPCC admin to manage.

Q - Why are teams only allowed 6 people on their rosters?
A - The rosters sizes are only 6 maximum for all leagues. If you have anymore, they are not a "league member" of the SPCC and are "sparing" for the team which is perfectly fine.  What it means for your 8 person roster is, in the playoffs, the 2 extras can not skip and are not registered in the system for the membership benefits of scheduling info, standings, practice ice sign up, sparing pool and free agents. If the 7th and 8th players want this, they can be added as an Associate membership rate and have these member benefits.

Q - Can a parent of more than one child registered in juniors do the enrolment of each child together in one payment?
A - The system is set up for individual registrations only. If you prefer to do one payment for more than one membership, please contact the SPCC office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange for group membership registration.

Q - My child does not have an email address and I cannot seem register them as I am a member of SPCC? How do I register them?
A - Each member requires their own email address including children.

Q - Will my child’s information be redirected to the parents email address?
A - The cardholder that made the payment will recieve the payment confirmation from the payment processing provider.  The email address attached to the junior's profile will receive the confirmation of registration email.  The SPCC junior program coordinator will be sending an invite to the parent/guardian emails for the TEAM SNAP communications tool.

Q - What does the eye icon mean? Is this visible to other members when they look up my team or try to contact my team?
A - Only select member profile information is visible to other SPCC members. The SPCC Office can view all your profile but that is confidential and we a-bid by confidentiality laws.

Q - Does all my personal information show to other members?
A - The only item to show is your phone number that you select to put down as a means of contact. Your email address will be hidden and you will receive a notification from a member. They will only be able to see your address if and when you respond to their email to you.

Q - Why do we need to put down all this contact information?
A - The phone number allows other members of the SPCC the ability to contact you directly (call or text) should they need to cancel or get ahold of one of the members on the team regarding the game. It takes the SPCC office and league rep out of the task of being the middle person trying to communicate between two teams. It is the teams responsibility to be respectful and provide the other team with enough notification should there be a cancellation.

Comment - I don’t want SPCC emails going to my work email.
A - The member profile allows you as the member to determine what address will be your means for communications. You decide on where the updates on SPCC games, events and notification go to. Each member requires their own email address to be a member of the SPCC.

Q - What is Free Agent Listing?
A - When a member is interested in creating a team or joining a team, this area allows the members of the SPCC to see what other interested members are seeking and allow teams and members to connect with each other. Organized Match making!

Q- When I book practice ice, is the sheet for me only or do I have to share it with others?
A - The SPCC would like the ice to be maximized by all members. In the 2016/17 season, the SPCC saw quite an increase in our members utilizing the practice ice times. We encourage the practice ice to be used by more than just one person. Sharing of the ice is advised. No hogging the ice. If you are by yourself and there are members waiting for ice, we hope you allow others to hop on and join you.

Q - My company is paying for the team, how do I register?
A - Once all rostered players have been confirmed that their contact information has been updated and the waivers have been signed, then the SPCC office will process the payment. Please contact the SPCC office for further details, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q – What is the difference between sub listing and free agent listing?
A – To sub is to be a spare and come out once and awhile for a league. This sub tends to be someone that is not available to play on a full time basis. FREE AGENT is someone looking to play on a league team throughout the entire season and become a player on the roster. This free agent is putting it out there to SPCC members that they are available for the full season and is willing to pay for their position as a full time member on the team. Full agent listings are the SPCC office means of connecting interested players to other interested players. It is the members responsible to create the team or teams if possible. It is like a match making service for teams.

Q – Where do I sign up as a Free Agent?
A –
Under the heading FREE AGENT in the Members Menu, follow the prompt “CLICK HERE” feature to continue registration process.

Q – I want to pay for more than just me (full team, more than 1 child or my partner), how can I do that online?
A -
The system only allows for one person payment. Contact the SPCC office directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 780-467-9412 to arrange group payment processing (more than one member payment processing)

Q - Do we have to fill out all of the member profile information?
A -
Yes. Many of our team roster have minimal contact information for our members. When an accident occurs, the SPCC staff need to know how to reach every member. When the SPCC communicates to our over 1100 members, current email addresses are required so that the newsletters goes out to everyone, not "just the skip".

Additionally, the SPCC seeks grants and sponsorship(s) plus reports to Curling Alberta and Curling Canada The data gathered from the profiles helps provide the current status of our club. Many clubs across Canada haven’t a clue what their membership base is actually.  

We have implemented the Curling Club Manager to assist the SPCC office in managing our members and lower the amount of administrative hours required to do that.


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Club Information

The Sherwood Park Curling Club is an 8 sheet facility that is home to over 1000 active members and is run out of the Glen Allen Recreation Complex in Sherwood Park, AB. We are active members of the Edmonton and Area Curling Clubs.

The SPCC hosts 20 full leagues and programs weekly. Our leagues include ladies, men, mixed, juniors, open, seniors and adult beginners. We are wheel chair accessible and pride ourselves on educating and promoting the sport of curling in our community.

We embrace all levels of curling from beginners to competitive players. Come Rock with Us!