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Our past president, Ralph Maclean, has just returned from taking part in the 2018 Strathcona Cup. The SPCC hosted the tour in 2013.

Ralph continues to play here at the club in our Sunday Open league. Read more about it at

ralph scotland jan 18

Ralph relates a bit of history on the tournament :

The Strathcona Cup is the oldest international curling competition in the world. It is contested between Canada and Scotland every five years with the countries alternating travelling across the pond.

The first event happened when Canada hosted the Scots for the first time back in 1903. Canada visited Scotland for the first time in 1909.

SPCC hosted the Scots back in 2013.

The trophy was commissioned at that time by Sir Donald Smith, who is better known as Lord Strathcona. Smith earned his fortunes in Canada through the Hudson's Bay company and later with the Canadian Pacific Railway. He is famously pictured driving "the last spike" at Craighellachie, BC in 1885.

The trophy is currently valued at over $150,000 and therefore never leaves Scotland.

This year, 40 Canadians were selected from over 250 applicants to travel to Scotland. The group was divided evenly into a north and south tour, with both groups starting in Glasgow and ending up in Edinburgh.

The scoring is based on total points accumulated over approx 57 draws played over 26 days. All games are eight ends and every rock must be thrown.

Throughout the course of our travels we were treated to unbelievable hospitality, amazing food, and superb curling. We played against everyone from club curlers to former world champions. We curled against Eve Muirhead's father, the current world junior champions, and even the Lord Provost (mayor) of Edinburgh. This year Canada built up an early lead and never looked back, winning by a margin of +325 points.

The attached pictures include Ralph's team with the Cup at the closing banquet.

ralph scotland2

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